Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the home selling process can be a complicated one and leave you with many questions when it comes to the means in which Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie brings you an offer for your home. In order to ease some of the curiosity, we invite you to read further.

What happens with properties you purchase?

Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie is not a real estate agency, this means that properties that we purchase aren’t simply re-listed. We often make the necessary repairs and sell the home through our own channels or turn the site into a rental property in order to make back our investment over time. This ensures that you can get the best value for your property as we aren’t simply looking to immediately return it to market.

What value can I expect for my home?

Though we continually look to bring you the fairest price for your home, we are transparent in our desire to turn a profit through the services we provide. We generally offer under market value with the benefit that you get an offer immediately and reliable cash in hand for your property. When compared to the time and money it can cost to keep a home at market, this can often even out.

How is the offer price of my home determined?

When you make the call to Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie to find out more about our service and offerings, we book an inspection appointment with you and send out our professionals to thoroughly investigate the property. Through this period, we look for any repairs that need to be done, consider liens or foreclosures set upon the property and more, and then establish the fairest price in order to present to you, leaving the final decision in your hands.

Do your buyers make commission?

Unlike other home buying services or real estate agents, our buyers don’t make any commission and there are no fees when turning to our professionals. Every one of our team members works towards the same goal, which means that you can count on each individual you interact with to be on your side, ready to provide you with the sale you need without the pushy tactics. The sale of your home is always within your hands and there are no obligations to take our offer. Relieve the stress of selling with our professionals on your side.

Do I have to sell to you if I get a quote?

As previously stated, there is no obligation to sell to Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie if an offer is made. We are here to present you with another possibility and whatever you decide is best for you is the best course of action to take. When choosing our experts as a potential avenue of sale, you have another means in which to sell your home reliably and to have cash in hand in less than a week.