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Attempting to sell your house can be an experience of either excitement or heavy stress. Depending on the state of your home, the repairs that need to be done, poor neighborhoods or otherwise, you can find yourself attempting to make progress for weeks or event months, all the while losing time and money on a property you no longer need and Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie is here to bring you a solution.

We are local home buyers who specialize in bringing you the means to sell house right now in the Corpus Christi area. When looking to take the stress from your selling experience and to turn it into a cash offer in hand, making the call to our offices will provide you with the means to quickly book an inspection and to get the process started. Whatever the current state of your home, you can count on our professionals to bring you a cash offer within the day and a check in hand within the week.



We bring you a fast and simple service that will help you move forward with your future plans by removing the selling process from your everyday life. When looking to simply move on from an older property that you’ve downsized from, or have been struggling with on the market, you have options available to you through Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie. We provide you with a fair market value offering in writing faster than any standard real estate offer in the city, bringing you a resolution when you need one most.

We Buy Ugly Houses
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We Buy Ugly Houses

There are many factors that can make a home unattractive to buyers, from the neighborhood to repairs needed, the condition of the home and more. This can make the selling process take much longer than originally anticipated yet turning to the professionals at Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie will allow you to sell house fast and to provide you with a cash offer in hand in less time than it can take to contact an agent.

How the Process Works

In order to better understand the service we bring to the Corpus Christi area, it can be good to know the process of our buying. With a phone call to our offices, we ask some specific questions to see if your home meets our criteria, from there we schedule an inspection, provide an offer and leave the decision in your hand. If you move forward, you can expect cash in hand in as little as a week.

“I had been trying to sell my home for months with offers falling through and long droughts of no interest. I wanted to be rid of the house and made the call to Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie. The process really is faster than you can imagine.” – Lisa G.


There are many pros and cons involved in choosing a more traditional real estate venture. In order to better bring you a level of understanding of the difference that Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie provides, we bring you an entire page of information surrounding the difference between selling to our professionals. If you’re looking to save time and money, it can be worth considering the offering we bring to the city.

Got a Question?

We provide you with a full page of information regarding the service we bring to the Corpus Christi area and if there’s any questions that have been lingering on your mind before making the call to our offices, we invite you to look into the service details there. From the process we use to make an offer to the time you can expect from start to finish, you’re sure to find the necessary information there.

“I felt like my real estate agent was having too much trouble trying to sell my home. They only came with two offers over that many months. Only after calling Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie did I have a definite offer in hand and I made the sale.” – Mark T

We Buy Houses for Cash in Corpus Christi
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When choosing Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie for your sale, you can expect a fast and convenient service when it comes to selling your home. We understand that clients who reach out to us just want the whole situation done with and we provide you with a means to get an offer in hand the same day as our inspection. When time has run out, our experts are here to bring you a resolution.

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Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie is here to provide an alternative to those stuck in the process of trying to sell their home. When you need professionals who provide a result, you can be sure that we buy homes. If you meet the criteria that our experts are looking for, you can count on an immediate offer and the capability to have cash in your hand and your home off your hands in days.

“I tried selling my home myself for almost a year, continually sinking time and money into a venture that went nowhere. After calling Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie I had an offer in hand in two days and a check in hand three days later.” – Kevin A.


Communication and the means of contact you have available to you are important to the process of buying your home and we make it simple and swift. When you reach out to our professionals, you have the means to find yourself on the line with a helpful expert quickly and to get the means of having an offer provided on the move. We ask a few simple questions in order to see if your home matches our criteria and then book the upcoming inspection. When you need reliability in every step of service, you can depend on Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie for results.