When looking for your best avenue of sale, it’s good to know the benefits and drawbacks of all of your options. As most home sellers in the area turn to real estate agents for their sales needs, knowing the potential issues and the amount of money it can cost you out of your final sale is important. It can prove even more disheartening in the process to be under the impression that you’ll be making a specific amount of money, only to receive but a fraction of that settled price.

Repair Costs

In your pre-sale inspection, there can be a number of repair items that come to light and often, the negotiation process will start settling who is going to be paying for what. Certain issues, with higher levels of cost are usually shirked by home buyer’s and can fall squarely in your lap. This can set your sale price back thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. With Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie though, we take care of all of the required repairs and can save you a lot of money in the process.

Time of Sale

There is much that you need to invest in a home, both in terms of when you owned it but also when you’re looking to sell it. Both the financial and time investment it takes can be a drain on your already limited resources and turning to your local home buying professionals can ensure that you spend as little as possible. Forget waiting for months for your first hesitant offer to roll in, Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie provides you with a reliable cash offer immediately and a check in your hand within the week.

Cash in Hand

Not only considering the amount of money you can lose throughout the process of selling your home through a standard real estate agent, the amount of time it can take before you see a cent of your money can be an unknown period. When making the choice to reach out to our home buying professionals, you know when you will get an offer, you know when the money will be in your hand and you can budget your needs accordingly. We know you want a fast and reliable service brought to your sale and provide you with the experts ready to make a deal.

Additional Fees

From repair fees to closing fees, finders’ fees to the percentage paid to your real estate agent, the amount of money you actually get for your home can be much less than you anticipate when you hear the buyer’s offer. When working with the professionals at Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie, you get a cash offer in days and the amount we quote is the amount you will see on the check. Forget the additional fees that are taken from you simply because you want to be done with the process, call us and get the maximum amount.