How The Process Works

How The Process Works

The standard practice of real estate ventures follows a specific path, yet the time in which those steps can take vary greatly. When choosing Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie as your potential buyer, you can count on a much more expedient offering and a simple format to follow. If you’ve been curious as to the process in which our experts operate, we invite you to read further in order to get a better idea of what’s to come.

Hearing from You

The first step in the process is choosing to reach out to Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie. We provide you with an immediate means of getting in touch with the professionals you need without the unnecessary disruptions and provide you with the capability to obtain more information simply. Once we find out more about the property in question and whether or not it fits the criteria we look for, you have the means to book your inspection around your schedule. We work to bring every step of the process in a way that works with your needs.

Required Appointments

The second and possibly most important step in the process is bringing you the inspection that will lead to the eventual offer. During this part of our service, we look at every aspect of your home, required repairs, the neighborhood and other details in order to bring you the most fair and accurate offer possible. At the end of this process, we collaborate all the information, ensure that all of our information is correct and move onto the next step, which may be the most important to you, having an offer in hand you can count on to be accurate.

Cash Offer in Hand

Once all of the information is obtained by our reps, there is a short waiting period of a few hours while all of the details are accumulated, after which we will be in contact once again with an offer. When you receive this information from our sellers though, you are under no obligation to accept. This figure is the amount that we see as fair for your property, yet still leave the final decision in your hands. Whatever you decide to do in this part of the process will dictate how the rest of the buying process will proceed.

Closing the Deal

If you decide to go forward with the offer presented by Sell House Right Now Corpus Christie, the final step is completing all the paperwork, getting everything notarized and getting a check in hand. This process can take less than a week and have you with money in hand before you know it. Avoid spending months on the market, seeing potential buyer’s back out at the last minute and paying exorbitant fees to real estate agents. Take the process of selling your home into your own hands and get a cash trade for your property in a fraction of the time with our services.